Non Qualified Annuity vs Qualified Annuity

Non Qualified Annuity vs Qualified Annuity Most annuities are technically non qualified annuity contracts, but if they are used to fund a qualified annuity account, they become qualified and any additional funds that are added must also be qualified. What exactly does qualified mean? Qualified annuity funds are funds that are placed in an Internal Revenue Service … Read more

Is The Equity Indexed Annuity The Best Investment?

Equity Indexed Annuity Is the equity indexed annuity the best investment in today’s economic environment? Let’s analyze the most important investment attributes. Yield: Most equity indexed annuities pay a bonus of 6-10% on the initial amount invested. After that, the returns are tied to the performance of an index like the S&P 500 or the Dow … Read more

Inherited Annuity Options

What You Need to Know About Inherited Annuity Options An inherited annuity is an annuity that has been purchased by someone other than you, such as your spouse or child. The reason that the annuity is being passed on to you is because it has a death benefit that can be used for your funeral … Read more